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Department of preventive - corrective gymnastics

Year 2011 marked the beginning of functioning of the Department of preventive - corrective gymnastics, within the Center for Motor Ability and R&D in sport of the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine. Hypokinesia, improper sitting, standing and long working hours, inadequate nutrition, as well as various congenital and acquired defects of locomotor apparatus are the result of modern lifestyle, and they contribute to a disruption of postural status and the decline of the level of physical abilities of children, youth and adults. With preschool and school children, in order to prevent and eliminate bad posture (spine, chest) and feet, corrective gymnastics is most often applied.

There is a wide range of possibilities of corrective gymnastics in the prevention of poor body posture and deformities. The main objective of the Department of preventive - corrective gymnastics is to monitor and improve the postural status of children and youth in the Republic of Serbia.

All the programs are implemented by an interdisciplinary team of experts of the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine. Professional team composed of professors of Sports and Physical Education and Physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors works on the research and monitoring postural status of children, youth, citizens and athletes of the Republic of Serbia.

Through cooperation of these two sectors, the clients of the Department are guaranteed high expertise, motivation and results in work.

The activities take place at the Center for Motor Ability and R&D in sport of the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine. The Department of corrective gymnastics was renovated in line with the highest international standards, and as such has the latest diagnostic technology in this field.

Sports medicine physicians and physiatrists perform examinations and diagnostics, and programs and treatments are determined by the professors of sports and physical education.

The programs of corrective gymnastics are performed individually and in groups of 6 to 8 participants, according to the type of postural disorders and age of children, youth, citizens and athletes.

Programs of corrective gymnastics:

1. Exercises for lordosis

2. Exercises for kyphosis

3. Exercises for scoliosis

4. Exercises for kipho-lordosis

5. Exercises for torticollis

6. Exercises for the "S" spine

7. Exercise for "L-S" spine

8. Exercises for a flat chest (pectusplanum)

9. Exercises for protruding chest(pectuscarrinatum)

10 Exercises for carved in (sunken) chest (pectusexcavatum)

11 Exercises for the roundback (dorsumkyphoticum)

12 Exercises for the straight back (dorsumplanum)

13 Exercises for congenital hip dislocation (luxatiocoxaecongenitae)

14 Exercises for the "O" legs (genuvarum)

15 Exercises for the "H" legs (genuvalgum)

16 Exercises for flat feet (pesplanus)

17 Exercises for transversal arch collapse pestransverseplanus)

18 Exercises for the hollow foot (pesexcavatus)

19 Exercises for foot pointed tips (pesequines)

20 Exercises with the ball

 Tasks of the program:

• Identification of the postural status, planning, programming and implementation of exercises, using a variety of kinesiologic models and operators;

• Scientific research and education of the experts of the Institute as unavoidable activities of the Department of corrective gymnastics:

                    - Publication of scientific papers on corrective gymnastics,

                - Acquisition of knowledge of endogenous and exogenous factors that can lead to the formation and development of physical deformities,

                    - The study of the influence of applied exercises to individual organs and organ systems.

• Organization of educational seminars and professional training of pedagogical personnel on prevention of postural disorders in education (kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, universities ...) and sports (clubs, federations, organizations ...) institutions,

• Creation of video material with programs and corrective exercises that will be published by the Institute and are available to everyone at affordable prices,

• Issuing a card for each user of the Department of corrective gymnastics with all the data related to the treatments and trends of progress comparing to the initial state.

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