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The isokinetic diagnostics

The isokinetic diagnostics is the process of assessment of neuromuscular function which records all the necessary parameters in active motion (strength of certain muscle groups, torque, fatigue index, joint range of motion and actual performance of specific muscle groups), with computer accuracy.  A mathematical analysis of tests gives a detailed insight into the state of joint function, relationship of agonists and antagonists, and bilateral comparison of the same muscle groups.  On the isokinetic dynamometer  the resistance is adjusted to individual capabilities, which makes sure that any damage and overload is avoided.

The most recent  model of  isokinetic dynamometer, produced by HUMAC NORM,  provides the opportunity to perform assessment through three modes of muscle operation ( isokinetic , isotonic and isometric ), through active  movement of flexors and extensors of the torso , then  through the movement of the muscles of the ankle , knee joint , hip, shoulder , elbow and wrist. The movements can be performed in all directions (extension, flexion, abduction, adduction, internal and external rotation).

Assessment and evaluation of motor abilities on the isokinetic dynamometer gives  coaches and athletes, who get tested on the device, the following possibilities:

- Insight into the initial, transitional and final level of preparedness of certain muscle groups ,

- Evaluating the state after the injury,

- Evaluation of the success of rehabilitation,

- Prevention of injuries and damages,

- Planning and programming of the training process,

- Monitoring the effectiveness of the training process,

- Individualization of work,

- Corrections of the training process,

- Professional - advisory assistance,

- Motivation for further work.

Performing isokinetic diagnostic tests at the right time can determine the initial changes in the performance of joints and muscles that are impossible to detect X-rays , magnetic resonance imaging or ultrasound imaging .

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