The Republic Institute for Sports


 The Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine (SISSM)

The Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine is a unique center in the region which integrates sport and sports medicine in one organization. As the only specialized institution whose two primary areas are sports and sports medicine, for years we have developed a multi-disciplinary system which now operates to the highest standards.

Over the years we have been improving not only the infrastructure, which includes outdoor and indoor swimming pools, Sports Hall, tennis, soccer and other courts, trim track and the Trim hotel where we provide accommodation for athletes, but we are simultaneously working on the modernization of the Institute and the training of personnel.
Today, professional athletes, recreational athletes, children and all others interested in sport receive top quality service at the Institute by the professional specialists in the area of sports and sports medicine, in various scientific disciplines. The Institute has set up teams to perform testing, analytics and scientific and other research in order to improve the professional sport and the general health of the population.
Since it was founded, the Serbian Institute for Sports Medicine has focused its research on professional athletes. Our continuous research is a treasure trove of valuable information in creating policies which deal with the highest achievements in top sport, but they also contribute a great deal to proper development of children. In all these activities we actively collaborate with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia. We believe that top athletes are the most important resource of our country, along with young people who are part of our house.
We have reason to be proud because new people seek our services every year, be they top athletes or those who practice sport as recreation, be they young or in their best years. But we have also managed to retain those who care about their physical fitness and who have entrusted their health, physical fitness and sports results to us.
You are welcome to visit us, to feel the spirit of sport, to meet the leading experts in the field of sports, sports medicine and sports psychology and to experience a truly unique energy that characterizes our Institute.

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