The Republic Institute for Sports

Director of the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine, Mr. Goran Bojovic, at the opening of the newly built sports hall in Bojnik

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Vanja Udovicic, opened a sports hall in Bojnik measuring approximately 2500m2, which consists of the sports hall with a capacity to accommodate 1,000 spectators, ancillary rooms, administrative work administrative section and technical facilities. The construction of this hall will provide the organization of international competitions and will instigate young people to engage in sports.

Besides the Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Vanja Udovicic, the opening of the sports hall was attended by the Director of the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine Mr. Goran Bojovic, the Secretary of State for sport Mr. Predrag Peruničić, and the director of Anti-Doping Agency of the Republic of Serbia, Mrs. Milica Vukašinović - Vesić.

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