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''Race for a happier childhood'' 2016

Red Cross Čukarica on Saturday, October 8 in Košutnjak, at the Athletic Stadium of the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine, organized a traditional campaign called 'Race for a happier childhood' with the participation of many students. This is the most widespread and widely accepted recreational humanitarian activity of the national Red Cross Association, aimed at achieving a permanent goal, which is a continuous popularization and increase in the number of members and volunteers. Through mass participation in the race children and young people show their commitment to a healthy lifestyle and the highest human values.

In September this year students collected money buying start numbers, and the funds raised are forwarded later to help the sick, socially disadvantaged children or others who need help. The goal of this race is to improve the social and material situation of particularly vulnerable children, in accordance with the special needs of each environment, based on reviewing the needs at the local level, by the Red Cross.

The manner of distribution of the collected funds will be determined in consultation with the leaders of the Red Cross youth in primary schools and in accordance with the priorities that will be determined by a special committee of the Red Cross. The Red Cross Čukarica will complement the collected amount of money with the donation from its own funds, like it has done every year so far.

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