The Republic Institute for Sports


Activities of the Institute

Activities of the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine are stipulated in the Law on Sports of the Republic of Serbia from 2016.

The Institute performs the following tasks, in accordance with Article 107, paragraph 1 of the Law:

1) periodic testing or monitoring of anthropological abilities and characteristics of children, youth and adults;

2) control of training to promising and top athletes and technical assistance to those athletes and sports experts;

3) organization and implementation of continuous training and final preparations of top and promising athletes;

4 ) keeping national records in sports (data collection and processing) and periodic publication of aggregated data from the national registers;

5 ) professional education and training of sports professionals and experts in the field of sports medicine and sports in cooperation with the appropriate accredited higher education institution, in accordance with the law;

6 ) supervision of professional work in the field of sports through professional sports supervisors;

7) evaluation of the health status of participants in physical activities;

8) improving the health status and functional abilities of promising and top level athletes;

9) organizational and professional assistance to organizations that implement programs that provide general interest in the field of sport and the organizers of major international sporting events;

10) consultancy in the planning, construction and reconstruction of publically owned sports facilities and monitoring their utilization;

11) propaganda, publishing, scientific, R&D and library activities in the field of sports medicine and sports, in accordance with the law;

12 ) participation in the development of the Strategy of Sport;

13 ) giving opinions and expert assistance to participants in sport in matters of importance to the development of sport;

14 ) international cooperation in the field of sports and sports medicine;

15 ) promotion and development of sport for children and young people;

16 ) monitoring the planning of construction and utilization of sports facilities;

17) identification and development of sports talents, in cooperation with the competent national branch sports federations.

The Institute may perform medical activities, or certain tasks within medical activities, in accordance with the law governing health care.

Tasks under paragraph 2, items 4) and 6) of this Article shall be performed as delegated tasks.

Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine has the status of the First National Training Center and has the exclusive right to perform the activities referred to in paragraph 2 item 3) of this Article, unless for objective reasons the organization and implementation of continuous training and final preparations of promising and elite athletes is not possible at the Institute.

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