The Republic Institute for Sports


Our vision

The vision of the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine is a society in which the importance of sport and the role of sport in society are constantly supplementing each other by creating new values ​​and new results. The right to sport is the right of every individual, while the care of top sport, as well as the overall position of sport and physical activity for all our citizens, is the obligations of our Institute.

The focus of our interest has always been school children, people at the beginning of their sports track, those who are on these tracks and are already winning, as well as all others who have embraced the values ​​of sport and the importance of physical activity. Our task over the years has been to provide professional help for each of them to improve their ability, to investigate different phenomena and to use our knowledge for the common good of sport in Serbia and for the benefit of the health of our population.

The Institute has always traditionally been one of the pillars of sports culture in Serbia. The society whose citizens are healthy, the community in which top athletes have their own home which takes care of their psychological, physical and health status, is something we achieve every day through our work and something we strive to regularly improve.

Values ​​of sports are actually pillars on which a high quality society with equal opportunities for all rests. A society in which fair play and respect for opponents is the modus operandi and where excellence is valued and the results are measured and rewarded. This is our vision, and we are actively striving to make it reality, that top athletes win more medals, while the younger ones, at the beginning of their sports career, become champions. We do not give up on the idea that every child of school age should be physically active in order to be healthy, and through our work we contribute to it constantly. These are the tasks that stand ahead of us:

A society in which the importance of sport and the role of sport is constantly supplemented by creating new values ​​and new results;

The availability of our services and facilities outside home;

Intensification of cooperation with all relevant regional and international institutions whose primary areas are the  promotion of professional sport and physical activity and health of young people;

Formation of new departments specialized in specific areas that have yet to be developed in order to achieve even better results in working with top athletes;

Realization of the postulates that the right to sport is the right of every individual, especially children, and that it is necessary to constantly renew the potential for working with children.

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